Liverpool FC launches exclusive hospitality package in new Anfield Road Stand

New Anfield Road stand (courtesy LFC)

Liverpool FC has appointed BEYOND Hospitality as exclusive sales agent for a new in-stadium hospitality venue,the Founders Lounge.

The venue will be an outstanding feature of the new Anfield Road stand, said the club, and packages are available exclusively through BEYOND’s sales network.

Guests will enjoy the best match-day experience, the club said, with sumptuous dining complete with kitchen-view ‘theatre of food’ concept, showcasing the fresh a la carte menu prep, and great views of the pitch from within the lounge prior to kick-off.

Guests will also enjoy the game from padded seats within the Anfield Road stand, facing the world-famous Kop end. Plus, Founders Lounge offers the possibility of rubbing shoulders with former players, in attendance for every game.

Directly in line with the goal, this dedicated space is ideally positioned to take in the action down the pitch to the Kop end.

BEYOND Hospitality is based in the USA but has operations in Wilmslow, in the UK, Switzerland, South Africa and Qatar.

Executive Chairman, Jaime Byrom, said: “The Founders Lounge venue elevates the Official Hospitality range at Anfield Stadium, providing an exceptional experience for the fans looking to make the most of each match.

“The Founders Lounge is a fantastic space for supporters and hospitality clients, with the best mix of features to showcase talent on the pitch and stylish service in the stadium.”

The Anfield Road stand has just been extended, with work officially starting in late 2021, with a view to increasing the stadium’s capacity to 61,000.

Now completed, at a cost of approximately £80m, the Anfield Road Stand will host almost 16 000 spectators.

Design-wise, the expanded Anfield Road Stand and Founders Lounge was envisioned as a tribute to the club’s origins, drawing inspiration from local architecture and building styles.

Architectural buffs will see the influence of this in the lounge’s textures, tones, and detailing. Founders Lounge also includes contemporary features and layouts to make the most of the positioning and glass fronting, making it an ideal destination for matchday hospitality.