Region’s first indoor Padel club set to open in move by new Arora generation

CGI of Pure Padel Manchester site

The first indoor padel club in the North West is set to be launched in August by Cheshire-based Pure Padel.

The six-court site is located in a former goods and distribution warehouse at 24 Dutton Street, Cheetham Hill, a short 10 minute walk from the AO Arena.

The premium venue will offer six panoramic padel courts, a pro-padel shop, a bistro-style café and bar, fully equipped changing rooms with showers, plus a raised mezzanine viewing platform overlooking a show court. Free onsite parking and wifi will also be available to customers.

With accessibility at its core, matches will be on a ‘pay to play’ basis allowing players of all abilities to book and play via the Playtomic app from 7am through to 10pm.

The app enables first timer or solo players to find and play with others of a similar level and matches them accordingly for a fun and fair game. With no member fees, Pure Padel enables players to play as much or as little as they choose without the constraints of the traditional sports club model.

Pure Padel, which opened its first club in Alderley Park in October, 2023, has demonstrated its success and ambition through its more than 4,000 players and soon-to-be status as the first padel club in the North West to operate multi-site facilities.

Further still, Pure Padel has plans to build another 30 padel clubs in the next five years, with eight currently in planning and a further 15 in the pipeline.

The Midlands and the South West of London are among the business’s target regions, as well as further expansion across its home county of Cheshire.

Co-founder and head of commercial operations at Pure Padel, Sammy Arora, son of Bobby, co-founder of Liverpool-based discount retail empire B&M Bargains, said: “Padel has taken the UK by storm – and the North West is slowly becoming a padel hub after leaders London and Bristol who set the scene.

“It’s partly due to how easy it is to pick up and also the plethora of courts across the region. We hope bringing indoor padel courts to Manchester will help make it even more accessible to those living and working closeby.”

He added: “Currently, north Manchester residents are travelling as far as Huddersfield to play so we know there’s demand for more padel courts in the city centre that are reachable by car and public transport. Choosing a site so close to a Victoria train station is a real asset – we hope it’ll help bring players into the city centre who will go on to spend on hospitality and shopping to further support the local economy.

“Manchester’s cold and wet climate makes our indoor proposition even more attractive to players who are looking to keep up padel year round. The unpredictable weather conditions really impact the game, so courts protected from the elements ensure the best playing experience.”

Sammy Arora and Fraser Higson

He said: “I’ve been lucky enough to have been playing padel since getting hooked on it in Milan, where I took it up as an exchange student as it was the best way to meet new people in the city.

“It’s fantastic to see such a broad mix of people picking it up, from those who no longer play fast paced racket sports like squash and tennis, or those wishing to step away from work for exercise and to socialise – it’s clearly taken grip of the nation and we’re testament to the fact it’s here to stay.”

The new indoor club, at Dutton Street, brings life to a vacant warehouse that started out as a cash and carry built by Sammy’s grandfather in 1947 after fleeing the Indian partition.

Breathing new life into the facility for a new generation is paramount to Sammy, who will be repurposing it to benefit the future of the city his family made home over 70 years ago as migrants.

Sammy said: “I’m excited to combine my entrepreneurialism and love of sport to introduce the first indoor padel club in the North West and I’m proud to be able to find such a modern and worthwhile use that means my grandfather’s hard work all those years ago will live on and benefit so many people today.

“Keeping the warehouse in the family has been something I really wanted to do as recognition for my grandfather’s sacrifices and stealth business acumen all those years ago. As the third generation of Aroras to take over, it’s both an exciting and challenging time.

“Embarking on my own entrepreneurial journey having such well known and successful predecessors is not without its pressures, but I’m grateful for their guidance and am looking forward to the challenge.”

Two highly experienced and qualified coaches, originally from mainland Europe, will be available at the indoor facility for coaching to all levels from beginners to intermediate and even advanced as Pure Padel recognises the UK’s appetite for the sport from both new and experienced players.

Since graduating from the University of Durham with a degree in International Business Management involving a year at the prestigious Bocconi business school (Milan) studying marketing and entrepreneurship, Sammy has worked at PepsiCo where he executed his degree learnings. Pure Padel came to reality while still at university and demonstrates the 23-year-old’s innate flair for business and his strong desire to succeed.

Sammy and his business partner, Fraser Higson, are equipped with backing from a strong selection of non-exec board members from retail, property, finance and law and have accumulated various sources of investment including Sammy’s father, Bobby, who is one of the key investors.

Altrincham-based Pure Padel Clubs was incorporated on January 26, 2023. The majority shareholding is between Sammy and Natasha Rani Arora.