Manchester Uni to lead £16m Centre for Nuclear Energy Technology

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BUSINESS Secretary Lord Mandelson is to announce a new £16m centre to support the growth of the region’s nuclear energy industry, based at Manchester University.

The Centre for Nuclear Energy Technology (C-NET), at the University of Manchester, aims to increase the capability of the university sector to collaborate with industry.

It will also support industrial research and development in the nuclear sector’s reactor technology market through collaborative international research, education and skills development.

The centre will create 22 jobs and is estimated to contribute £20m to the North West economy over 10 years.

The Northwest Regional Development Agency is to invest £4.4m, while the university will invest £3.5m. A further £2.61m will be invested by the private sector with further private sector investment being sought. 

Once C-NET has been set-up, the long-term aim is to secure additional private sector investment to grow the centre to £25m.

Robert Hough, chairman of the NWDA, said: “Estimated to generate over £20bn worth of new business opportunities, the Government’s announcement of a UK nuclear new build programme has the potential to create a wealth of new opportunities for the sector’s growth in the North West.

“However, there is fierce competition across the UK to secure major proportions of this programme and it is vital that we ensure the North West is in the strongest position possible to benefit.

Our investment in C-NET, which supports the delivery of the North West Science Strategy, will help to ensure that the region is equipped with the research and development capability, technology and skills needed to capitalise on this key growth sector.”