WFEL clinches £1m MoD repair contract

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NORTH West military bridge maker WFEL has secured a £1m repair contract with the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The Stockport-based company’s support services division will refurbish one of its air portable ferry bridges (APFB) damaged during operations with UK troops in Afghanistan.

The APFB – commissioned in 2006 – was initially designed for the MoD, and is used on in both military operations and in disaster and emergency operations.

WFEL, a prime contractor to the MoD, is also one of the few suppliers to the U.S Department of Defense to be based entirely in the UK.

WFEL has sold over 500 tactical military bridges that are in use with 39 armed forces worldwide.

Its service division provides after sales support both at home and overseas including the deployment of staff to operational areas such as Iraq. 

Ian Wilson, managing director of WFEL, said: “Our service division has continued to support the repair and maintenance requirements of existing clients, thus helping them to sustain their important strategic bridging assets and ensure optimum performance.”