Surface Transforms drives sales to £1m

SURFACE Transforms, the maker of high-performance ceramic brakes, cut losses and increased sales last year.

The Ellesmere Port-based company said pre-tax losses, for the year to May 31, were down by a third from £974,000 to £637,000 on sales of £1m, up 16%.

The firm’s ceramic brakes are used in high-performance sports cars and in the aerospace industry.

It hopes the brakes will one day be adopted by volume producers and fitted as standard in most supercars but its immediate objective is to break even next year, which will require sales of £1.9m.

The firm will continue to cut overheads and says it plans to further streamline the production process.

Chief executive Kevin Johnson said: “The company’s strategic cost saving and lead time reduction plan has identified significant further possible improvements but these will up to three years to implement fully.

“Once completed however, Surface Transforms expects to have a manufacturing plant that can produce a cost effective product with capacity and lead time acceptable for volume road car manufacture.”