Redx Oncology to create another 60 jobs

BIO-medical group REDX Pharma’s cancer research subsidiary has launched a recruitment drive, which will see it nearly double in size.

Redx Oncology, which launched in April last year and is backed to the tune of £6m by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund, has already created 67 jobs and is looking to fill more than 60 high-value positions.

Positions currently available at Redx Oncology range from junior technicians, to research scientists with 10 years’ experience in industry including senior scientists, senior pharmacologists, and in-vitro biology specialists.  

Dr Derek Lindsay said: “Dr Lindsay said: “Redx Oncology is continuing to recruit first-class scientists and professionals from all over the world – boosting Liverpool’s knowledge economy and contributing to the growth of the city and the region, and we are delighted to be building on the city’s established reputation in cancer care.

“The immensely positive response we have had is partly a consequence of the difficult state the pharma industry is in at the moment but it also shows that people are interested in working in the North West and that the region is rapidly developing as a science sector.”

A challenging environment over the last two years has seen the pharmaceutical industry has shed over 4,000 science posts, allowing a growing business like Redx to take advantage.

Redx Oncology is not only attracting interest fron UK applicants though, with scientists and chemists from Europe and the US expressing interest in moving to the company.