Iron Maiden ale doubles demand at Robinsons

AN ale made for Iron Maiden has doubled demand at the Frederic Robinson brewery in Stockport.

The brewer first unveiled Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale in March and it will be launched next month.

It has attracted interest from 100 countries due to the band’s huge international following and 250,000 pints have been ordered in the UK already.

David Bremner, Robinsons’ director of marketing, said: “We are brewing three times a day, six days a week for the first time ever in our 175 year history and we already have the first 20,000 cases ready to go out by post as well as several export orders.”

Robinsons, which was first approached by the band last year, usually brews two batches a day, four days a week.

The band’s frontman, and well known polymath, Bruce Dickinson was closely involved with making the beer. Mr Bremner said: “It’s basically his recipe, taste profile and ABV and probably the clearest brief our head brewer has ever had.”

He added: “It takes a lot of work at our end. We have a marketing team doing little else but managing expectations and dealing with sales opportunities. It’s a fine line to build anticipation of a launch without annoying fans who are desperate to drink it.

“It’s actually mesmerising to watch the comments come through on Facebook,” said Mr Bremner. “We have fans asking for it all over the globe, some of which is in languages I couldn’t begin to understand.”

Robinsons is launching the beer at its new brew house and visitor centre on the May 9 to trade buyers and retailers. It will be simultaneously launched at 30 of its pubs.

Two years ago Robinsons produced a limited edition beer called Build A Rocket Boys for the Manchester band Elbow.