KPMG revs up with motor sport group McLaren

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ACCOUNTANTS KPMG has announced a partnership with super-car and Formula 1 team owner McLaren Group.

The firm says it will use McLaren Applied Technologies’  predictive analytics and technology in its audit and advisory services.
Under the terms of a 10-year agreement, KPMG has become an innovation partner of the McLaren Group. The two parties will jointly develop and deliver a unique range of advisory services.  Companies will be able to draw upon a combination of KPMG’s consulting and business insight, paired with McLaren’s high performance culture and technical know-how.
Ron Dennis, chief executive and chairman of the McLaren Group said: “We chose to establish this ground breaking alliance to take our expertise into a whole new market and to continue the rapid growth of McLaren Applied Technologies.  

“As well as being one of the largest audit and advisory companies in the world, KPMG has a deserved reputation for innovation. I am very excited to be working together and by the opportunity to deliver tangible benefits to both KPMG and its clients.  
“McLaren has developed world class expertise in predictive analytics, high performance design and technology development.  This expertise, combined with our ethos of constant innovation, attention to detail and determination to win, enables us to complement KPMG’s already extensive capabilities.”

McLaren Applied Technologies’  expertise has already been applied in industries beyond motor sport.  For example, MAT has improved pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing processes, created air traffic scheduling systems and worked with some of the biggest oil and gas companies to optimise production processes.  

Jon Holt, senior partner of KPMG’s Manchester office, commented: “Our alliance with McLaren gives us the opportunity to accelerate the transformation of our audit and advisory businesses. 

“McLaren has honed sophisticated predictive analytics and technologies that can be applied to many business issues.  We believe this specialist knowledge has the power to radically transform audit, improving quality and providing greater insight to management teams, audit committees and investors.”