Crowdfunding platform raises £400k to grow

A BUSINESS which operates a crowdfunding platform to match potential investors with buy-to-let property opportunities, has secured a £400,000 investment of its own.

Liverpool-based Crowd Fin, which trades as Property Moose, has clinched a venture capital investment from a syndicate led by The North West Fund for
Digital & Creative.

Property Moose helps investors source investable properties, assembles syndicates, transacts the acquisition and funding, and then manages the property on behalf of the investors. This has proved popular and the site has already concluded several crowd-funded deals.

The business was founded in 2013 by former mergers and acquisitions lawyer Andrew Gardiner and it has previously raised finance through a crowd-funding round.

The North West Fund investment will be used to set up a permanent office presence for the company in the North West, in further recruitment, and crucially in refining its digital platform and in perfecting the user-experience.

Director and co-founder Andrew Gardiner said: “This investment represents a
huge step forward for Property Moose. Not only has it supported the opening of our new Liverpool headquarters and the creation of 10 new jobs in the city, it will accelerate the pipeline of investment opportunities that we will be able to offer our members across the country.

“Crowdfunding is a passion for us and we believe that is a durable, sustainable and profitable platform for our members to spread risk by investing in bricks and mortar from just £500.

“This transformative deal will enable us to keep growing our community of
successful, like-minded investors and also develop some very exciting ideas
that we have that will further set us apart from the competition.”

Alun Lucas, investment manager, AXM Venture Capital, which manages The North West Fund for Digital & Creative, said: “Property Moose is a great example of how our fund can assist in the evolution of a growth company, bridging the funding gap that follows initial angel investment.

“Our finance will allow the company to build up its North West infrastructure and technology to properly capitalise on its leading position in this massive potential market.”