TJ Hughes ‘monitoring B&Q stores’

LIVERPOOL-based retailer TJ Hughes is monitoring the availability of BHS and B&Q sites as it plans its next pahse of expansion.

The family-owned discount department store group recently opened its 13th strore in Bury and is looked at its home region and further afield, including the South Wests, and Midlands.

Managing director of TJ Hughes Anil Juneja told Retail Week there were “lots of opportunities” for property at the moment following the recent announcement of 60 B&Q store closures as well as any BHS stores if and when they become available.

Juneja said : “They’ve [BHS] certainly been mentioned in the property world and there might be some available including some of the B&Q sheds. There’s plenty of opportunity and we have good agents to keep us up to date, but it’s really about getting the right site.”

The TJ Hughes name, six flagship stores and website were bought out of administration in 2011 by The Benross Group. Since then the Juneja family has been building up the business by updating its infrastructure, IT and suppliers.

At its height TJ Hughes had 55 stores but the discount retailer, which sells brands including Nike, Birkenstock, Rimmel, Clinique and Tefal, now hopes to beat that number, and Juneja hopes to one day have 60 sites.