Game changing biomass plant to be unveiled

Stobart Group said its energy business is close to becoming 'increasingly cash generative'

THE world’s first mass-produced, fully automated biomass micro plant is set to be unveiled in Cheshire today (Friday, May 22).

German firm Entrade Energiesysteme (AG) is launching its first E3 micro power plant in partnership with TW Power at its Macclesfield site.

The E3 will enable SMEs across Britain to dramatically reduce energy costs, in some cases by up to 30%, according to Engrade.

The E3 has more than 60 patents and has seen an investment of more than £36m. It fits through a standard door frame and can be installed in a single day.

Unlike conventional small scale thermal biomass boilers, the E3 generates both heat and electricity creating an additional source of revenue.
Entrade says its breakthrough in the production of clean syn gas means the E3 significantly outperforms competing clean energy technology on reliability, maintenance and cost.

David Tomkinson, director and founder of TW Power Ltd, says “We are really excited to have the first E3 in our facilities.  We are passionate about bringing decentralized biomass to the UK, which is vital for energy security, the environment, and for better maintenance of UK’s forests.”

James Kong, chief finance officer at Entrade, said: “The E3 is reaching the UK market at a vital time. The UK has slipped significantly behind the rest of Europe on its 2020 targets.

“While the country is moving away from coal and nuclear, it has neglected to keep up with growing energy demand through the development of the renewables industry.”