£200m+ boost for shipyard

INDUSTRY in Cumbria has received a major boost with the announcement by the government of £642m for the successor submarine programme.

Of this, £225m will go towards new facilities, at BAE Systems at Barrow-in-Furness, where four new nuclear  submarines will be assembled. This investment will ensure the submarines are built with maximum efficiency, the Ministry of Defence said.

The new vessels will begin replacing the Vanguard class, from the 2030s. The funding will go towards new parts and facilities, as well as further design work.

The funding will also see significant investment in the UK/US collaboration for the Common Missile Compartment and around £200m for the submarine’s power plant, including long lead items.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “Our nuclear deterrent provides the ultimate guarantee of our security and our way of life. That’s why we are getting on with this investment. This money will support further design work, new infrastructure and the purchase of key parts such as engines and gearboxes, as well as jobs across the UK.”