Liverpool Firm Launches Dynamic New Agency Model After Rebrand

A new style of digital agency will launch in Liverpool later this month as one of the city’s stalwart web design firms completes an extensive rebrand and reinvention. The fruits of seven months of hard work, Profici is the new name for Beneficial Marketing and marks a total departure for the firm. As well as shepherding in a totally new culture and philosophy, Profici will also trial a brand new way of working which harnesses the growing number of entrepreneurial freelancers and creatives setting up shop for themselves in Liverpool and beyond.

“Like all things, businesses evolve. As our fifth birthday approached, we thought we were no longer just a marketing agency, but rather a complete digital agency that wanted to do things a little differently,” explains Anthony O’Brien, Profici Managing Director.

“We also felt the Beneficial Marketing name no longer represented us, the business or what we are trying to achieve. After much soul searching we came up with the name ‘Profici’- derived from the Latin term ‘proficio’ – meaning to aid, assist, be profitable – which we feel reflects our work in assisting all our clients through digital marketing solutions.”

Amidst this process, the Profici team tested their belief that the agency model needed to evolve too – with millions more people working in the gig economy and going freelance every year, the traditional office-based set-up is no longer relevant. Instead, something more fluid and modern, which gives opportunities to freelancers and the agency access to a reliable, talented pool of marketing pros is needed. The end result is a dynamic remote digital agency – a model which Profici hopes will set the standard.

The new look agency will be staffed by collaboration partners, and its infrastructure created to help freelancers retain their independence but also be a part of something new as ongoing collaborators for projects ranging from content marketing and SEO to design and social media.

O’Brien adds, “As a virtual digital agency, we want to work with talented freelancers and independent consultants but, also have our own knowledge to impart. We’ll work together giving the collaboration partner the tools needed to scale up their business, generate kudos for themselves and others as part of a community and help clients get the services they need to build their own successful businesses.”

Profici is holding an invitation-only birthday party to mark its launch on 25 October at One Fine Day, Old Hall Street, Liverpool. A number of local freelancers have been invited to the celebration to find out more about how they can become a part of the new agency.

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