New Starters Bring Fresh Talent and Ideas to V7 Recruitment

V7 Recruitment, a leading, Manchester based Recruiter are thrilled to announce the arrival of 5 new starters who have recently joined the team in the first two months of the New Year. These talented individuals bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and fresh perspectives to the company, and are prepared to make an immediate impact on the success of V7.

The new starters come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring with them a diverse set of skills that will benefit V7’s mission to deliver the very best services and opportunities to their candidates and clients. They have already hit the ground running, making their very first deals, welcoming new clients and overall thriving at their desks.

One new starter V7 are particularly excited about, is the addition of Learning and Development Manager, Melissa Hull. As she joins the team to take on our bespoke training, tailoring training plans for each member of the team. Liss is key to our plan for 2023 and how we want to continue investing in our staff, giving them the tools they need to flourish.

“We are delighted to welcome our new starters to the V7 team,” said Steve Whiston, CEO. “Each of them has demonstrated exceptional talent and potential, and we are confident that they will continue grow and succeed here at V7. We are committed to providing them with the support and resources they need to be successful, and look forward to seeing their contributions to our company’s growth and success.”

The new starters will be joining a team of 16 employees, bringing the workforce up to 21, and will be working alongside some of the brightest minds in the recruitment industry. V7 Recruitment is dedicated to fostering a positive, collaborative work environment where employees can grow and develop their skills, and is committed to investing in the continued success and growth of its team.

About V7 Recruitment:
At V7 Recruitment we’ve built a reputation for having in-depth knowledge and experience of specific sectors and job skills. We work to our strengths to ensure a consistent and quality service. Our highly skilled and experienced recruiters operate within a dedicated niche market, providing both our candidates and clients the best possible service.

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