Fashion firm to use kickstarter to launch new product

A Bristol business which designs ethical handbags has launched a kickstarter funding scheme.

Amschela is launching a new product via the Kickstarter Platform.

Amschela, which has featured previously at London Fashion Week, hopes to raise £35,000 to create a multi functional, gender neutral bag.

The company said: “We decided that in order to align more with our sustainable goals, that raising funds in this manner provides us with the knowledge that we will only be producing made to order items as each item is guaranteed to be sold, therefore producing less production, energy and material waste.

“This has to be way better for the environment we live in. The campaign is dual focused in line with our brand values and also focuses on positive environmental impact and social mobility impact.

Amschela  will be holding a series of live discussions about the campaign, each Friday at 8pm on 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd June 2023.



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