Fintech firm supports charity with mentoring day

Novia Financial teamed up with charity Ablaze to host a mentoring day to help a group of students from a local all-girls school explore the world of working in fintech and to consider their own future career paths.

The students, aged between 12 and 14, spent the day visiting the Novia Financial office, getting an introduction into financial services as well as discussing artificial intelligence (AI) and technology.

The aim of the day was to give the students an insight into different jobs they could consider as a career, and to understand what skills are needed for certain jobs and how it ties into the subjects taught at their school.

Based in Bristol, Ablaze is an independent charity tackling inequality of opportunity for young people in the South West. They do this by working with business volunteers, such as Novia, to deliver programmes that will motivate and encourage young people’s career aspirations.

Patrick Mill, CEO at Novia said: “We were thrilled to have the students join us for the day and to give them an insight into financial services and platforms. We’re a people business and we’re passionate about helping people and supporting organisations like Ablaze pursue their potential.”

Ceri Bowers, project manager at Ablaze, said: “We think that all young people, no matter their background, should be given the chance to understand what skills are needed for different jobs and thinking about the link between success in the subjects they choose at secondary school and their future career ambitions.”