West Country tech firm opens base in the US

A technology firm based in Dorset is expanding into the United States.

Cloud computing specialist Talk Think Do, which is based in Wimborne, has registered as a business in the US and has opened an office in Austin, Texas.

The software business said it would begin delivering projects in the states next year.

The company said the move marked a pivotal milestone as the company looks to grow a global market for its services.

Managing director Louise Clayton said the business saw “huge opportunity” in Asia and the Middle East, and particularly within educational technology services.

She added that she expects other international offices to be opened in the future.

Ms Clayton added that Talk Think Do had been working with the Department for Business and Trade on the move.

Louise Clayton said: “As with many industries, the education industry is ripe for disruption from generative AI.

“We believe there’ll be large investments made over the next one to five years in integrating large language models (LLMs) into existing EdTech products and services as well as building brand new ones.”