Coffee shop welcomes Fairtrade Foundation to its roastery

Opening of the new Waves Cafe

Devon-based Owens Coffee recently welcomed members from the Fairtrade Foundation, Fairtrade Devon, and the Ivybridge community at its roastery.

The visit coincided with the opening of its new Perfect Waves Café.

Lorraine Bridden, managing director of Owens Coffee, welcomed Michael Gidney, CEO of Fairtrade Foundation, Sue Errington, and Alison Derrick of Fairtrade Devon, along with other guests including Cllr Alan Spencer, Mayor of Ivybridge, Cllr Matt Steele, Town Councillor, District Councillor, and Chair of Ivybridge Chamber of Commerce, and Eleanor Hoggett, a Geography teacher at Ivybridge Community College.

Bridden said: “We were thrilled to recently welcome The Fairtrade Foundation’s CEO Michael Gidney and the Fairtrade Devon team to the Roastery, along with our other special guests. We are proud to say that our coffee range has been certified by the Fairtrade Foundation since 2010.

“We support Fairtrade so that we can help promote ethical and sustainable business practices, improve the quality of life for farmers and their families and contribute to the development of communities worldwide.”

During the visit, the group learned about Owens’ Fairtrade-certified coffee beans, understanding its journey from global growers to customers’ cups.

Breakfast discussions focused on ethical sourcing practices and Fairtrade’s commitment to empowering farming communities facing climate change challenges.

The conversation also touched upon Owens Coffee’s collaboration with Fairtrade Devon, supporting educational initiatives in the county.

This collaboration showcased local examples of relationships Owens has built with partners, coffee growers, and its coffee products.