Eddie Bell

Eddie Bell is an Audit Director operating as a Responsible Individual leading and signing audits.  He works across multiple industries but has a focus on manufacturing as well as travel, hospitality and leisure.

Eddie is from Yorkshire originally but went to university in the South West, fell in love with the area and hasn’t left.  He is based in the Bristol office and spends a significant amount of time working in South Wales as well.  

Eddie specialises in working with private companies.  Having direct contact with owners and management who have a deep connection to their business and who are the key decision makers is a motivating factor for Eddie.  As is working with private companies as they move through the different stages of their lifecycle.  

This has included auditing start-up companies, family-owned business as well as large private equity backed companies and working on the IPO of a number of private companies as they make the step up to the listed environment.    This experience gave Eddie an insight into the difficulties a company can face while making that transition as well as understanding the mitigating steps which can be taken to best navigate the process.