ART Business Loans

Established in 1997, ART is a local Community Development Finance Institution; its founding Chair and inspiration being Sir Adrian Cadbury.

ART Business Loans is now a leading Responsible Finance provider and offers loans to viable businesses and social enterprises based in the West Midlands, which need to start, survive or grow and are unable to secure all their funding needs from the banks. It often lends alongside banks and other lenders, adding that last vital piece of finance that makes sure the business succeeds.

ART’s aim is to provide access to appropriate finance and job opportunities. It raises funds from a combination of private and public sector sources and lends between £10,000 and £150,000, targeting underserved areas and communities. It has lent over £32m and its borrowers have created and preserved over 8,000 jobs.

ART’s portfolio of borrowers ranges from registered charities to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. ART has supported both innovative start-ups and established businesses in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, services, the care industry, education and skills training.


Our application process is designed to be as easy as possible. Go to . Download an application form and email or post it to us, or make a fast track enquiry allowing us to make a quick preliminary assessment of whether or not a full application is likely to be successful.


Investments in ART qualify for Community Investment Tax Relief, which offers 5% of the amount invested off Income Tax or Corporation Tax liabilities per annum for five years. To find out more go to