PP Control & Automation

PP Control & Automation is a leading provider of strategic manufacturing outsourcing solutions to more than 25 of the world’s largest machinery builders.


A well-proven operational model helps it deliver added value design, engineering and complex assembly to clients involved in aerospace, food processing, machine tools, medical, packaging, printing and advanced technologies.


Without knowing it, PP C&A has touched all of our lives, whether that is in the supply of fresh milk, keeping your mobile dry, bagging your crisps or helping your favourite F1 team perform in Monaco!


The company currently employs 230 people, has annual sales of £25million and works with clients including AB Graphics, Fullwood Packo, Mazak Europe and P2i


“You can’t stand still in today’s global manufacturing world and this is reflected in our commitment to continuous investment in people, capital equipment and technology,” explained Tony Hague, CEO of PP Control & Automation.


“In the last year, we have invested over £500,000 into the purchase of bespoke Artos fully automated cable preparation machinery, integration of automated testing technology and the Creation of a dedicated ESD area to cater for electronics and sensitive assembly.


“These investments have contributed to 99.92% delivered quality and over 98% on-time delivery to our global customers – staggering results when you consider the complexity of managing a supply chain that contains 13,000 part numbers and 500 different suppliers.”


The last decade has seen significant growth for PP Control & Automation, with turnover increasing from £10.1m in 2009 to a record-breaking £25.3m this year – the most recent figures boosted by a £3m sales increase since March 2019.


Staff numbers have followed a similar path with nearly 100 Black Country jobs, many of which are highly skilled, created over the last decade and 10 in the last year alone. This growth curve is impressive, but just the start according to the new executive team recently assembled.


Led by CEO Tony Hague, PP C&A is relishing the prospect of scaling up rapidly following new investment from Canadian-based Ardenton Capital. Since this moment, £3m of new sales have already been added and a five-year plan put in place to increase revenues to over £40m, leveraging the company’s reputation as a strategic manufacturing partner, possible acquisitions and a drive to increase market share in North America.


The latter will be achieved by either establishing its own production facility in this territory or by forging an exciting joint venture.