Robiquity are a global specialist in the Intelligent Automation market. Founded and based in Manchester, Robiquity are a pureplay services provider to businesses looking to deliver the huge benefits potential from Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Robiquity partner with the leading Automation software vendors, including BluePrism, UiPath and Microsoft. This agnostic approach to technology means they can independently select the best solution for their clients, and deliver solutions using their experienced team of analysts and developers.

Robiquity’s approach is simple; get Automation done. This is the fastest way for any business to become a truly digital organisation. The leading businesses in any sector are those who recognise that human skills can be ring-fenced and invested in, while everything else can be handled by software robotics. This balance of human and robotic skills is proving a winning formula in Retail, Financial Services, Insurance and Manufacturing. Repetitive, administrative work and the constant battle to keep systems and information updated is now handled 24/7 and error-free, leaving the human workforce to focus 100% on the customer.

The focus on skills is what differentiates Robiquity from your typical consultancy or systems integrator. Robiquity focus on client enablement; providing the knowledge transfer and internal capabilities to own and scale their Automation agenda. Alternatively, if a business simply wants to automate fast, Robiquity offer the full suite of services from analysis to development and support, providing ‘Robotics as a Service (RAAS)’ using a cloud-first delivery model.

Robiquity have an impressive list of past and present clients, including Jaguar Land Rover, Co-operative Group, Virgin Media, Pets at Home and AO. Their focus is on growing, ambitious businesses who see the opportunity to control the costs of growth and boost productivity and customer service through automation. Robiquity themselves have grown in recent times with new operations in the United States and the Middle East.