Thrive at Work – West Midlands Combined Authority

The West Midlands Combined Authority are committed to support businesses to deliver real improvements in the workforce health and wellbeing. This has been done by providing the Thrive at Work workplace wellbeing programme, which aims to help organisations build a heathier, happier and more productive workforce. This supports the aims to make the Midlands the healthiest and most productive region in the UK. The programme is funded by the Midlands Engine.

More about Thrive at Work

The Thrive at Work Wellbeing Commitment is a standard of good practice and a quality mark for health and wellbeing in work.

The Commitment has criteria and guidelines on creating a workplace that promotes employee health and wellbeing, focusing on key organisational enablers of health such as attendance management, policies and procedures in addition to health areas such as mental, musculoskeletal and physical health and promoting healthy lifestyles.

There are four levels to the programme at which an organisation can achieve accreditation.  Each level covers a number of different themes, starting at the Foundation level and progressing on to Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Organisations can set the level they want to achieve and work at their own pace to implement the criteria.

Thrive at Work is open to organisations of any sector, suitable to those that employ more than 8 employees and is free to those located in the Midlands area.  A small charge will be made for any organisations outside of the area.

Organisations that achieve accreditation of at least the Bronze Level of the Thrive at Work Commitment will receive the Thrive at Work Wellbeing Award. This accreditation sets an organisation apart as an employer of choice when it comes to mental health and wellbeing, whilst also enjoying the benefits of increased productivity.