Manufacturers fork out £150k after pollution incident

A food ingredient manufacturer has donated £150,000 to The Trent Rivers Trust after a pollution incident.

Stoke-on-Trent company Fuerst Day Lawson was involved in the incident at balancing pools which then entered the Newstead Brook. The Environment Agency said that Fuerst Day Lawson’s site on the Newstead Industrial Estate in Trentham contributed the discharge in the watercourse. The incident occurred between July and September 2015.

Fuerst Day Lawson offered an Enforcement Undertaking to the Environment Agency, which gives companies the chance to voluntarily provide recompense. This was accepted in September 2018.

The donation to the Trust will be used to fund environmental projects in the Stoke-on-Trent area.

Since then, the company has carried out “extensive” improvements to the site and paid a significant proportion of the Environment Agency’s costs associated with the incident in the amount of £119,143.39.

Environment dfficer with the Environment Agency, Emma Swindail said: “Enforcement Undertakings are an effective enforcement tool enabling companies to address non-compliance with environmental regulations which provides support for suitable environmental projects.”

Ruth Needham, senior catchment manager at the Trent Rivers Trust added: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with landowners to deliver a number of river restoration schemes along the upper reaches of the Trent.

“The works are funded through an enforcement undertaking after a historical pollution incident. Works are focussing on restoring the river at several sites to recreate a range of natural features within the channel and on the banks. The increase in features will enable the river to better breakdown pollution in the future as well as create improved habitats for fish and other wildlife.”