Students launch scannable trainer and clothing brand

Andrei Iordan and Svetoslav Lichev

Two CU Coventry students have launched a hi-tech trainer and clothing brand which incorporates blockchain technology.

Andrei Iordan and Svetoslav Lichev founded their brand Exzite while studying the same marketing degree.

The trainers and clothes will incorporate blockchain technology from a company called ReCheck, enabling wearers to scan their trainers and clothes using ReCheck’s smartphone app, which proves their authenticity and identifies each item as being unique.

Iordan said: “All of our products will use this technology. It means every item of clothing will have a digital passport.

“This gives our products a unique identity, and owners will be able to upload different facts about their clothes to ReCheck to personalise them even more.

“It also proves our products are real. The market is full of fakes at the moment, so this technology will counter that.

“As far as we know, no other clothing or footwear company is doing this, so we’re confident we can make a success of Exzite.”

Their trainers are being manufactured by a company in East Asia and two prototypes of trainers have already been made – the ‘X’ and the ‘Moonbow’ – and a third is currently in development.
Lichev said: “We want to invite students to work with us and utilise their strengths. For example, Andrei was better on the marketing side of things, but my strength lies in sales and my relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.

“So if a student has a passion for something like design, we’d be happy to chat with them and see what they can do. It doesn’t matter what degree they’re studying.

“We already have ten students who are interested in working with us, but once we graduate in July we’re hoping to work with many more from CU Coventry.”