Tech accelerator launches in ‘Cyber Valley’

A specialist tech accelerator is being launched in Worcestershire, offering investment and support to tech entrepreneurs in the region.

Located in Malvern’s ‘Cyber Valley’, the BetaDen will offer proof of concept funding, investment coaching and marketing funding to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to grow.

The ‘Cyber Valley’ science park saw the UK’s first 5G testbeds introduced last year.

BetaDen Cohort 2.0 programme is open until 17 May, and there will be 10 successful applicants.

Linda Smith, founder and CEO of BetaDen said: “Worcestershire’s reputation as the UK’s cyber lead outside of London continues to grow, and we’re delighted to be the region’s first tech accelerator that can offer such a unique and diverse package to prospective businesses.

“Our Cohort 2.0 programme exemplifies everything Worcestershire has to offer: growing development opportunities for SMEs, Research and Development facilities for larger businesses or technology scale-up businesses, a platform to create new concepts and work with experienced professionals in the tech field, and a strategic and financial support system.

“All of these factors together could potentially be very rare to find outside of an accelerator.”

David Sidaway, founder of Sidaway Technologies and Cohort 1 member: said “BetaDen has definitely helped advance my ideas and product. BetaDen gives you a framework to look at how you are going to commercialise the ideas and the technology you have.

“There is a combination of having mentors that provide information and tailored one-to-one sessions to help you make decisions about your business, it helps you to assess what you should be doing and when, so therefore BetaDen is an overall package that really helps.”

BetaDen’s launch was funded by Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP) with support from local technology businesses.