Demand prompts carbon dioxide emissions specialist’s expansion

Izzi Seccombe, Richard Wall, Bill Gifford, Simon Reader, Mike Woodroffe and Martin Nwangwa.

An expanding Warwickshire company, whose cutting-edge technology reduces harmful carbon dioxide emissions, has moved into new facilities in Leamington Spa following rising demand for its products.

Aeristech has launched its 11,000 sq ft new premises in Hermes Close.

The company, which designs and manufactures clean energy applications, specialises in the development of electric air compressors for the automotive industry and is poised to enter new markets.

As part of the expansion, Aeristech was able to secure a total of £50,000 in grants with help from the Coventry & Warwickshire Business Support Programme which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via Coventry City Council and the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) Growth Hub. This grant contributed towards building Aeristech’s new engineering and development floor.

Richard Wall, CEO at Aeristech, said: “This move marks the transformation of the company from high tech developer to serious commercial player.

“The new premises comprises two sections: design and development. The facilities will allow us to explore new applications for Aeristech’s unique technology while the production facility will enable us to deliver 30,000 centrifugal compressors a year with a potential of upping that to 200,000 units.”

Simon Reader, CEO of Mahle Powertrain, a long-term collaborative partner of Aeristech, was invited to switch on the latest motor to mark the transformation to the new premises.

He said: “This 20kW motor operates at speeds of over 110,000 rpm. It achieves over 3.5bar pressure ratio with rolling element and air bearing variants.

“This motor will be a game changer in the creation of a greener environment.”

Original investor Mike Woodroffe said: “I cannot understate the thrill of being associated with the rebranding. It is a privilege to be associated with a new technology that is contributing to a greener world.

“Until now we have concentrated on researching, developing and creating a market for our product. The market is now beginning to mature so it is an ideal time to be making the switch to Leamington.”

Martin Nwangwa, account manager at CWLEP Growth Hub, said: “The pioneering work being done by Aeristech is driving the next generation of low-emission technology and the expansion of the company is tremendous news for the region.

“Aeristech is a model example of how the CWLEP can assist growing businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire across a whole range of sectors.”