Business specialist targets Covid-19 fightback with new consultancy launch

A specialist in crisis management has launched his own consultancy business to support firms with their Covid-19 recovery.

James Howard, who has more than 30 years experience working with multi-national and privately-owned organisations, has set-up Red Orchid to deliver consulting to SMEs and growing companies trying to negotiate their way through the unexpected impact of the pandemic.

Howard has already signed up two clients to his portfolio, including global motivational speaking specialist Proud2BSafe (P2BS) and a family-run bistro in Oxford.

“There is an urgent need to help companies recover from the virus and make them more resilient to cope with future shocks. This will be the initial priority for Red Orchid,” said Howard.

“Problem-solving and troubleshooting is what I’ve done for the best part of three decades and, in my experience, how a business responds and adapts to rapid change is often more important than how well prepared they were.”

He added: “In many crisis situations, you’re not always in control of all the decisions that impact your business, so being able to adapt and respond effectively to a rapidly changing business landscape is critical.

“This is true in every sector, whether that is construction, finance, health and social care, hospitality, manufacturing or retail for example.”

“I don’t want Red Orchid to be like other consultants. Our straightforward and practical approach is focused on getting to know our clients, understanding their ‘pain points’ or opportunities and then working together to deliver what we agree were going to do.”

The Staffordshire-based businessman will continue to offer motivational speaking.

This includes sharing his experience of leading the crisis management response to one of the UK’s most tragic industrial accidents at Didcot Power Station and subsequently turning around the fortunes of the contractor involved in that project.