Nearly 300 jobs created as Black Country SME becomes key supplier to NHS

A Tividale-based manufacturer of foam products has created 294 jobs after being awarded a government contract to supply protective face visors to frontline NHS staff.

Ramfoam, which has operated since 1995, began creating the visors in May 2020 after quickly scaling up its operations to meet national demand and is now producing three million visors each day for the NHS.

One hundred and thirty of the jobs created are at Ramfoam’s new facility in Tividale, which operates alongside its main facility exclusively to manufacture the Ramfoam Care Protective Visor, while a further 164 jobs were created across Ramfoam’s supply chain throughout the West Midlands.

It says an additional 156 jobs have been created throughout the wider Midlands region as a result of the contract, as well as 58 new jobs in London.

Ramfoam has been commended for quickly scaling up their foam manufacturing operations to help protect healthcare workers, developing a lightweight, reusable and hypo-allergenic foam headband within weeks.

The headbands can be easily connected to an anti-fog visor and are supplied to the NHS as self-assembly kits which can be put together and adjusted to fit within seconds.

Timothy Mulqueen, international director at Ramfoam Care, said: “Our primary motivation throughout this whole project has been to protect the NHS and help save lives, and we’re proud to have been able to create a large number of new roles in the West Midlands as part of that goal.

“For our staff, nothing is more motivating than knowing they are helping to support frontline healthcare workers every day.”

Alongside the NHS contract, Ramfoam is looking to widen its offering by making the visors commercially available across the UK.