Manufacturer expands premises on back of new hires and contract wins

Black Country manufacturer Bridge Bearings has expanded its Lye premises following a string of new hires and contract wins.

The company, which employs more than 200 people, has annexed a 3,500 sq ft unit in the neighbouring Imperial Works estate – attaching it to its existing premises via a party wall.

Bridge Bearings agreed the arrangement off-market with Imperial Works landlords Stewardson Developments and agents Hexagon Commercial Property.

The expansion follows a record year of trading for Bridge Bearings, which has plans to create around 20 full and part-time jobs over the next few months.

Ben Toye, sales director of Bridge Bearings, said: “Following on from a record trading year we not only need to bring in extra staff, but we made the decision to relocate out injection moulding facility from Stourport to Lye, creating the need for extra space at that site.

“The arrangement with Stewardson Developments couldn’t be better. The unit is linked via a party wall, and we carried out works to create a link between the two properties.

“We are incredibly grateful to Stewardson Developments for allowing us to build a link between our existing premises and the new unit which will become the Assembly and Distribution Department.”

Mark Stewardson, of Halesowen-based Stewardson Developments, said: “Bridge Bearings are a well-known and very reputable local business making a quality product. They had already identified the need for more space so after consultation with Bridge our team were able to clear the building and carry out upgrades quickly in time to meet Bridge’s deadline.

“An opening was created in the party wall and a ramp engineered between the two units. This has gained them valuable extra space. We hope to have a good working relationship for many years to come.

“We are also incredibly grateful to Hexagon for expert advice and making this deal happen very quickly. We look forward to acquiring more sites in 2021 and would be keen to hear from any vendors with property to sell.”

Ben Toye from Bridge Bearings, Mark Stewardson, Stewardson Developments, and Jake Fellows from Hexagon Commercial Property