Worcestershire company releases ‘world’s most accurate test for Covid-19’

An ultra-rapid testing company in Worcestershire has developed a highly accurate immunity test that detects the same antibodies vaccinations produce against Covid-19.

A team of British scientists at Bio-Diagnostics, led by MD Simon Mico, says the test “is increasingly being seen as the gold standard among immunity tests”.

Mico says his research reveals that other rapid technologies are frequently inaccurate for a fundamental reason.

He said: “Other antibody tests, we discovered, have been looking for the wrong antibodies. These are unable to detect the same ‘spike’ antibodies that can provide immunity.”

The company’s research also unearthed a second finding – everyone tested back in March 2020 were still found to be producing ‘spike’ antibodies when retested.

“It means immunity can last up to nine months, which is ground-breaking”, said Mico. “This is far longer than previously thought by world scientists, predominantly as a result of studies looking for the wrong antibodies with flawed technologies.”

Mico says the new immunity test is the only ultra-rapid test in the world with near-100% accuracy.

In December 2020 the British Medical Journal reported that the test kits most widely used in UK universities, schools and care homes detected only 48% of Covid-19 infections in asymptomatic people.

Mico said that his company’s BioCard test kit also confirms whether you have genuinely acquired immunity from a vaccine – as existing vaccines are known to work much less well on older people than the young.

To meet increasing demand the Worcestershire-based company has embarked on the construction of a new R&D hub, costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.