Gym re-invents business in merger move

A Stratford Upon Avon gym forced to close its doors due to coronavirus restrictions has joined forces with a Leicestershire firm to re-invent the business in a bid to reach out to employees struggling with wellbeing and productivity.

The Training Shed team, a wellness and lifestyle company, which operated a gym in Featherbed Lane, Pathlow, has partnered with Grasp the Nettle, a firm that offers an HR assessment tool helping to ensure staff are working to their true potential.

Having recognised each company had skills that could assist the other, they merged together to create Wellonomics, an online assessment that once completed provides instant feedback and suggests ways to improve a person’s lifestyle.

As part of the programme, it offers solutions to each individual and once completed the assessment is stored on a personal dashboard that tracks progress.

Glen Thurgood, CEO and founder of The Training Shed, said: “We are delighted to launch Wellonomics which we firmly believe will help companies to encourage their staff to make positive change to their lives through our tailored fitness and lifestyle programme.

“If people feel fit and healthy, productivity at work will increase, while also benefitting from better quality sleep, mental health improvements and their overall wellbeing will be boosted. It’s a win, win situation.”