European tooling firm opens new warehouse as demand soars

Tooling specialist Hoffmann Group UK has expanded its logistics space by opening a new warehouse in Aston, Birmingham in response to soaring demand.

Following a £150,000 investment, the warehouse, which originally opened its door in August of 2019, has increased Hoffmann Group UK’s overall capacity by 45%, making the overall space approximately 4000 sq ft.

The company said the additional space will enable it to better manage its procurement, storage, distribution and logistics, and create jobs.

The expansion is part of Hoffmann Group UK’s wider vision to double the size of the business by 2023.

The group’s growth will also be supported by the development of a new international central warehouse in Nuremberg, Logistic City.

Alex Puszka, product manager at Hoffmann Group, who will lead the management of the new warehouse and local product assortment, said: “The new warehouse provides us with the opportunity to develop our local assortment, support local contracts with critical stock and ship hazardous products from the UK. Additionally, it means we will have a UK base for additional services such as kitting, regrind and calibration services and a set up area for our Tool24 vending solution systems.”

Tim Paddison, managing director of Hoffmann Group, adds: “The new space will support Hoffmann Group UK in its mission to make our customers more successful by simplifying procurement and improving efficiency.

“In conjunction with our international central warehouse, Logistic City, the new space significantly enhances our ability to provide customers with the right product at the right time, whilst creating capacity for more jobs in this area.”