Work begins to remove Ricoh signs from Coventry Building Society Arena

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Work has begun to remove the Ricoh signs from the roof of Coventry Building Society Arena.

A huge 32 metre boom lift is being used to reach the four-metre-tall roof signs which can be seen clearly from miles around.

Coventry Building Society Arena signs will take their place in a few months time.

Work to replace all other existing signs with the new look is ongoing and will start in the next couple of weeks as part of the new 10-year naming rights deal that came into force on 1 July.

Darin Landon, chief commercial officer at Coventry Building Society, said: “The arena is a Coventry landmark and the signs are a vital part of the impact this great venue has. Ever since we announced this partnership back in May, the feedback we’ve had from members, colleagues and local business has been of excitement.”

Adam Benson, chief commercial officer at Wasps Group, added: “For many visitors and passers-by this will be the first clear indicator that our new naming rights deal with Coventry Building Society Arena has come into effect.

“While we have been making changes inside the venue over the last month, this is the first major external change and we’re sure it will feel unusual for some time for people not to see the famous Ricoh sign on the horizon.

“Soon enough the new Coventry Building Society Arena signs will be in position and over a period of time will become iconic in their own right.”