UK’s largest forensic services firm moves to Birmingham

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Eurofins Digital Testing, a provider of testing and cyber security for software systems and devices, has set up a dedicated office in Birmingham that will offer clients access to three testing services under one roof – software, cyber security and digital forensics.

Eurofins Forensics Services will be the first forensics firm based in the centre of Birmingham.

Already part of the largest forensics team in the UK with 680 staff, Eurofins Forensics Services plans to add 11 new recruits to its Midlands forensics team, as part of the move.

The office on Gas Street in Birmingham will also house Edge Testing, Eurofins’ software testing arm and Commissum, part of Eurofins Cyber Security.

Currently, Edge Testing and Commissum work with business and commercial clients across various industries, particularly financial, retail, security and the public sector, while Eurofins Forensics Services specialises in law enforcement and HR dispute work.

An example of cooperation in a typical forensics investigation is where Commissum will identify potential risks, and what to do to stop further incidents, while Eurofins Forensics Services investigates why they happened and who is behind them.

Sharon Hamilton, UK MD for Eurofins Digital Testing, said: “By moving three related specialisms into one office, we are offering complementary services under one roof. Along with expanding our security testing services into the criminal justice arena, we will now be able to provide a complete end to end cyber security capability. The addition of Eurofins Forensics Services means we now offer a refined service across more than just the traditional commercial capacity, so clients benefit from a greater expertise pool and more resources being available.”