Electric vehicle charging specialist unveils latest technology

Petalite, a Birmingham based firm specialising in a new electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, has launched its patented SDC Technology, which it says is a highly reliable and low future cost solution for the EV industry.

Petalite’s SDC Technology delivers charging for energy companies, charge point operators (CPOs), fleet management businesses, as well as solving many issues faced currently by EV drivers, by offering charging as a service, rather than a product.

Leigh Purnell, founder & CEO of Petalite, who addressed an audience at the EV Charging Infrastructure conference at the British Museum in London that included stakeholders from brands such as Shell, Volvo and Vauxhall, as well as the British Department for Transport, said: “Right now, the technology and the economics of the existing EV charging infrastructure are not designed for a circular or smart economy.”

Full-bridge topology, the same technology that is used for charging laptops and smartphones, has long been the standard for high power charging and has been adapted globally for the EV market. It is a proven, multi-layered infrastructure, but not without its high part count and challenges.

The majority of the hardware is expensive to install and the technology relies on intricate timing, while user consoles are also dependent on electric vehicles, which means that any errors within the EV can cause errors within the charging unit.

However, Purnell argues that the biggest challenge with today’s EV charging technology is one that ultimately EV drivers fall victim to – short warranties.

He said: “Most EV charging hardware and components have an average two to five-year warranty and many advertise this as a benefit. However, whether you happen to be a huge chain supermarket or small family-run business, you’ll need to foot the bill for repairs once the warranty period is over, and a lot of the current hardware is not designed to last a lifetime. This will result in hefty bills, long wait times for repairs, zero income scenarios and, perhaps most crucially, loss of consumer confidence in EV.”

Petalite’s SDC Technology is designed to tackle current issues and offer high reliability and reduced costs for customers.

It uses on average 50% less components and works independently from the electric vehicle. Other technical benefits also include no power-split between chargers, no short-term warranties and minimal groundwork for installation.

Petalite’s announcement at the conference marks the first step in a journey towards wider adoption of its SDC Technology, with appearances at other trade events scheduled for Q4 2021, as well as a series of demonstrations and events for investors and customers at the company’s dedicated design centre.

Parnell said: “In a time when all eyes are on the latest car designs, the area that needs to be focused on is the EV charging infrastructure. Investing in the right charging technology is the key to accelerating the EV revolution around the world. We are confident that, with Petalite’s game-changing advancement in charging technology, we’ll be well placed to start a new movement in vehicle charging and maximise ROI for all stakeholders.”

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