Telford company targets multimillion-pound opportunity after launching sanitising solution

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An alternative antiviral sanitising solution that is free from alcohol and chemicals is being launched by a Telford hygiene specialist.

Room Shield has signed a joint venture agreement with a North Staffordshire manufacturer to bring its HOCL (hypochlorous acid) products to the commercial marketplace.

The Halesfield-based company has invested over £250,000 into developing its eco-friendly range using a similar formula and technology that has been used in hospitals for more than 30 years and is proven to be the fastest application for cleaning and disinfecting skin and surfaces.

Product development has focused on increasing the traditional formula shelf life of four to eight hours to more than 12 months and this has seen Sunseeker luxury yachts, Euro Car Parts and the RAC all signing up to use it.

“Covid-19 has brought hand sanitising clearly into focus and with it, unfortunately, has been a rise in dermatological issues caused by some of the alcohol and sensitising chemicals commonly used in these products,” said Kevin Parr, who set-up the business with fellow shareholders John Donnelly and Dave Williams.

“HOCL is a water-based hypochlorous disinfectant formula that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses and can be used in all environments, including bars, food preparation areas, restaurants, gyms, hotels, transport, schools and workplaces.”

He continued: “What we have done successfully is become the first company in the UK to find a way of bringing a fully accessible range of products to the general public, and this unique market position is something we plan to capitalise on with our distribution partners over the next twelve months.

“Halal certified and tested on biocidal activity to the highest British Standards levels, our Surface Shield product range features easy to carry 25ml and 100ml sprays,
wipes, trigger sprays, Trigger Shield guns and can be used in Airmosphere room protection devices.”

Room Shield has boosted the production capabilities at its North Staffordshire manufacturing partner to cope with the anticipated demand with 40 jobs expected to be created as the roll-out gathers pace.

The domestic market is just the start for the business and the management team is currently in discussions with several distributors to help take the product global.

This has already seen Advanced Hygienics, Anixter, Busters Group, Pestfix and Sanitimes agree to act on behalf of the firm, with the production blueprint in place if manufacturing lines need to be installed overseas.

Donnelly added: “It’s difficult to explain the magnitude of what a breakthrough this is, and it has only been possible due to the technical knowledge and expertise of our manufacturing partner.

“By increasing the shelf life of our HOCL formula we have made it accessible to all and there is no safer and more effective sanitising solution currently available. It will protect you against bacteria and viruses and, importantly, will help to prevent the dermatological issues that can arise from using too much hand sanitiser that has alcohol or sensitising chemicals present.”