Developer breaks ground on canal village scheme

  Dan Summers and Shane Robinson from Living Space Housing, Michael Scarhill from Stave-Con and Kevin Burton from Living Space Housing 
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Living Space Housing has started construction at the Hawkesbury ‘canal village’ scheme in Warwickshire.

The 72-acre redevelopment project has a projected GDV of £115m.

Living Space will carry out around £3m of enabling works, infrastructure, and the construction of new community facilities.

Housebuilder Vistry Group will then deliver the first phase of housing at the site, which comprises 204 homes across a total of 32-acres.

Vistry Group purchased the land with detailed planning consent from Living Space’s sister company Terra earlier this year for an undisclosed sum.

The strategic land company has a live planning application lodged for the second phase of 296 homes.

The entire length of the development area is bounded by Coventry Canal, with vehicular access provided from Stockley Road and Sephton Drive – both off Blackhorse Road. The site lies just north of Hawkesbury village, which is served by regular bus routes, schooling and local amenities.

The works being undertaken by Living Space includes a 2,000 sq ft community building with a dedicated car park, creation of new allotments, an orchard, open space and a children’s play area, a BMX track and cycle and pedestrian routes – including a new Sustrans link.

Steve Davies, managing director of Living Space Housing, said: “We are thrilled to be delivering the infrastructure works and community facilities to kick-start development at this strategic site in the village of Hawkesbury. The scheme will have a transformative effect on the local area and provide significant community benefits for north Warwickshire.

“The cycle routes and pathways that we will be constructing will create new linkages with Coventry, which is only five miles away. The community building will be an ideal space to enable local people to come together, and we will also be erecting extensive new facilities specifically for young children and teenagers.”