HSBC launches £500m green SME fund

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HSBC UK has launched a £500m Green SME Fund to help businesses transition in a low carbon economy.

The fund is available for businesses with a turnover of less than £25m and will offer 1% cashback on loans, starting from £1,000 to help SMEs invest in green activities.

The bank says this is the first green offering for small businesses with a cashback proposal in the UK.

Ian Stuart, CEO HSBC UK, said: “I am delighted to announce to the launch of HSBC UK’s £500m Green SME Fund.

“Companies of all sizes and sectors have a role to play in the journey to net zero, however the sustainable finance market has been predominately focused on larger corporations. It’s critical that access to funds isn’t a barrier for small and medium sized businesses working to achieve lower carbon emissions.

“We want to help businesses seize the opportunities and growth potential that environmental sustainability offers and the fund, along with our new and expanding suite of tools and resources, will make it easier for small businesses to take practical steps to cut their emissions and help their customers to cut theirs too.”