Deal to launch company into the electric vehicle market

A global automotive components manufacturer has secured a deal to localise the manufacture of battery housings.

Sertec Group Ltd, based in Coleshill, will create numerous jobs and become more involved in the electric vehicle market.

The deal is with Envision AESC UK Ltd, which manufactures lithium-ion batteries for the Nissan Leaf vehicle and will see Sertec carry out the manufacturing and assembly of the battery housings in the UK.

A fully automated no-touch process line will put battery housing parts into production packaging at Sertec, ready to feed into Envision AESC facility.

Grant Adams, Group CEO at Sertec, said: “By investing in and developing this commercially viable solution for Envision AESC, we have been able to prove our capability as a supplier, create new jobs and position ourselves to develop further opportunities with them in the future.

“The EV market is a growing one in the UK and our vision is to be key operator within it. By winning and delivering projects such as this for Envision AESC, we are putting ourselves in the driving seat to achieve that ambition.”

In addition, through a further £1m investment from Sertec, the press tooling has been manufactured in Sertec’s Chinese facility. Sertec says this is to help speed up the manufacturing process and allow for developmental work to be completed within its specified timeline.