Warriors on the brink of suspension as deadline looms

The RFU has gave given Worcester Warriors a deadline of 5pm today (26th September) to prove it has a credible plan to support the club or else it will be suspended from all competitions.

As insurance cover for the club is only in place until tonight, the RFU has also asked for evidence of insurance cover.

And with some of the clubs staff only paid 65% of their salaries, the RFU has requested proof of funds to meet the monthly payroll.

Speaking to the BBC following its game against Newcastle Falcons, Warriors director of rugby Steve Diamond said:

“That’s what you call going out with a bang. Five tries – and we probably left two or three out there. Newcastle caught us on the wrong day, with a lot of emotion running through the team and the crowd.

“Given that the club could be suspended on Monday, there was a risk to the players. We had a vote on Friday as to whether we played or not – but it was virtually unanimous that we did.

“The players wanted to show their pride and loyalty to the club and the performance they put in mirrored that. BT have missed a trick not having their cameras here, but then we’re not a glamorous club, are we?

“If the club goes into administration then I know as much as anyone else what will happen. I’m no insolvency expert.

“All I do know is we’ll have no insurance from 5pm on Monday and the caretaker and his wife will have to find temporary accommodation as they’ll be locked out too.”

Former CEO Jim O’Toole has submitted a bid to save the club alongside James Sandford of Atlas SportsTech Limited, but O’Toole says the club would need to be placed into administration for his plan to succeed.

He tweeted last night:

“For all @WorcsWarriors fans feeling despondent after yesterday’s euphoria. please kee believing. We have a plan & are standing by for the administration trigger to be pulled, as soon as that happens the club CAN and we believe WILL be rescued.

“There have been too many sacrifices by too many people on both sides of the pitch for this to fail. The relevant decision makers know where we are. Our phones are on full charge @JamesSandford4”.

The owners of Worcester Warriors said on the 14th September that they had agreed the terms of the sale of the troubled Premiership club.

The news came after weeks of speculation that the Premiership club might fold after a winding-up petition from HMRC over an unpaid £6m tax bill.

Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham said in a statement that the heads of terms are now with the legal representatives of the respective parties who are going through the detail of the agreement.