Burger & Sauce to take a bite out of Walsall

Burger & Sauce is set to open in Walsall on Friday.

Franchisee Adil Hussain has left a successful career in banking and finance to pursue his dream of running his own chain of restaurants.

He said: “I’ve worked with some of the big-name institutions like RBS and NatWest and more recently a peer-to-peer lender, but I’ve always wanted to work for myself.  My family are into food.

“My father is a caterer, and my brother works in the food industry too, so I was just looking for the right opportunity.

“A Burger & Sauce opened near to where I live in Birmingham.  I was impressed with the brand and loved the fresh, fast-food experience which is all delivered as a value for money package for customers. I saw the vision of what could be and spoke to Burger & Sauce’s founder Saad Massod to make it happen.”

He added: “Once Walsall is established, my goal is to open more Burger & Sauce outlets one at a time.  I anticipate Walsall will be the first of many.”

The new Walsall Burger & Sauce is situated on Stafford Street.

Massod said: “Welcoming Adil to the team has been a pleasure.  He is dedicated and determined, and we look forward to supporting him as he grows his Burger & Sauce franchised business.”

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