Online laundry app cleans up in crowdfunding campaign

Birmingham-based Love2Laundry has raised more than £276,000 for its online laundry app using Crowdcube’s crowdfunding platform.

In 2017, Love2Laundry turned to Crowdcube to raise some external investment and help it grow.

The initial target for crowdfunding in 2017 was £150,000, and the company ended up raising £186,000.

In 2022, which was round two of the crowdfunding campaign, Love2Laundry set out to raise a target of £250,000. The company raised £276,000.

Offering laundry and dry-cleaning services on-demand, Love2Laundry makes it easy for consumers to have their dry cleaning done with its collect, clean and return service.

Love2Laundry began its online laundry app back in 2014 . It quickly took off, becoming one of the most popular laundry collection apps in London.

Since its launch, Love2Laundry has received more than 180,000 orders. In the last 12 months, the company has experienced significant growth, increasing from 13,000 to 24,000 online orders.

Love2Laundry serves five major cities in the UK and has also expanded internationally, now covering Ireland, Netherlands, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait and Lahore.

Nadeem Abbas, CEO and founder of Love2Laundry, said: “We would like to thank all of our amazing customers and supporters who have invested with us in the recent crowdfunding campaign.

“We are super thrilled and motivated to know that we have such amazing and loyal customers who believe in what we are doing and our vision, it has even further motivated us (if possible) to reach even higher heights and succeed even further than we were already planning!

“This is another exciting step in our journey as we continue onwards and upwards.”

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