Stratford-upon-Avon distillery reveals carbon neutral status

Shakespeare Distillery has revealed it has been certified as carbon neutral following a carbon footprint assessment and off-setting programme.

The independent artisan spirit producer was supported by the Warwick University Internship programme, which resulted in the appointment of a carbon footprint data analyst.

With the help of Climate Partner UK, the analyst calculated the Stratford-upon-Avon firm’s entire CO2 emissions from spirit production to delivery and looked at ways to reduce the distillery’s carbon footprint.

The company had already invested in energy efficient Stills and is using a fully carbon neutral waste management company as well as offering a bottle re-fill scheme.

Shakespeare Distillery also have it’s own small garden where Rosemary is grown for gin distillation and is in the process of planting more botanicals, so they are not needed to be transported in from elsewhere.

The Distillery is primarily run-on renewable energy with solar panels on the roof. Following the completion of the analysis, further steps have been taken including investment in a new fully electric delivery van.
Peter Monks, director at Shakespeare Distillery said “We are one of a few Carbon Neutral Distilleries in the UK but we hope this is the start of a growing number of craft producers who follow this ethos. 

“There is still a great deal we can do but we have now started our sustainable journey and already we’re making an impact. The importance of considering sustainability in every business decision around procurement and our operation is hugely significant to us”.

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