MoD extends £63m vehicle contract with Coventry manufacturer

The Ministry of Defence has extended a £63m vehicle contract with a Coventry armour manufacturer and vehicle integrator.

After working on MOD vehicles for more than 20 years, NP Aerospace was awarded the contract in March 2019, to maintain, sustain and upgrade more than 2,000 of the MoD’s vehicles. The contract has since generated in excess of 200 jobs in the UK supply chain.

The Protected Mobility Engineering and Technical Support vehicle contact (PMETS) has been the engineering authority for the fleet and has worked on more than 140 tasks in partnership with vehicle OEMs and industry partners.

PMETS tasks range in scale and complexity from lighting systems, software enhancements and communication system upgrades, through to full scale re-engineering programmes.
David Petheram, managing director & senior vice president, for NP Aerospace’s Vehicle Systems, Services & Spares said: “Through PMETS we have introduced significant innovations into the fleet such as the Mastiff and Ridgback XC offroad platforms and hybrid demonstrator projects – both of which improve overall capabilities and operational vehicle performance.

“Working closely with industry partners, NP Aerospace is able to maximise through life capability and introduce new innovations that benefit the Armed Forces.”