Tram drivers start training for new £50m Wolverhampton Metro link

Tram drivers will begin their training along the new Wolverhampton Metro extension line after the route was handed over to the operator.

The route, which has been designed and constructed by the Midland Metro Alliance, on behalf of Transport for West Midlands, was formally handed over to Midland Metro today.

Laura Shoaf, chief executive of the WMCA, which owns West Midlands Metro, said: “This hand over marks the end of main construction and means we are ready to start driver training to prepare for the start of passenger Metro services to Wolverhampton Railway Station. Wolverhampton is now a better-connected city with the bus station, railway station and now Metro together in one location to provide accessible and seamless links across the region and beyond. We look forward to welcoming passengers on board once the drivers have fully familiarised themselves with the new track and terminus.”

When the route opens to passengers, trams will call at new stops on Pipers Row and Wolverhampton Station as engineers from the Midland Metro Alliance complete additional activities at the existing St. George’s terminus.

Sophie Allison, interim managing director of Midland Metro, said: “As we prepare to bring the new stops into passenger service, customers may notice extra trams on our network which will be out of service. These will be used for driver familiarisation between The Royal and Wolverhampton Station stops. While driver training is being completed, this does mean that we will be unable to provide a service to Wolverhampton St George’s and trams will terminate at The Royal stop during this time. We are committed to keeping our customers moving with a frequent service continuing between The Royal and Edgbaston Village and alternative travel arrangements in place for anyone affected by this change to our service. I would like to thank our customers for their patience as we edge closer to connecting our first passengers with Wolverhampton’s bus and rail stations.”