Ultra-rapid EV chargers launch at Birmingham hub

Motorists charging their electric vehicles at InstaVolt’s new ultra-rapid charger hub at Birmingham’s Apex Retail Park in Upper Conybere Street will be helping to plant 160 trees.

InstaVolt has activated eight 160KW ultra-rapid chargers at the location outside the Dunelm store at the Apex Retail Park and the company has pledged to plant a tree for anyone using these new chargers.

All an EV driver has to do is snap a photo of themselves using the chargers, and post it on social media, tagging InstaVolt before the end of October. 

Adrian Keen, the CEO of InstaVolt, said: “Driving an electric car is all about using cleaner energy, lower maintenance costs and a better driving experience.

“To reinforce our commitment to sustainability InstaVolt wanted to do something that gave back to the environment and planting 160 trees fits in with our clean-air ethos. I’m confident the campaign will be well received.

“We’re delighted to be bringing more of our award-winning ultra-rapid chargers to Birmingham. With class-leading reliability of more than 99.9%, EV drivers can be confident that when they arrive, they’ll find an easy-to-use charger, with on-site driver amenities, in a convenient location.” 

With plans to install 10,000 rapid chargers by 2030, InstaVolt currently has more than 1,300 chargers across the country.