Birmingham Airport conducts £2.8m of maintenance work

Birmingham Airport (BHX) conducted £2.8m worth of maintenance on its runway and taxiways during overnight hours last month, to improve the safety of its runway and taxiways.

Maintenance activities covered tasks such as removing rubber scuff marks on the tarmac caused by landing aircraft, improving the runway’s electrical kit, repairing and lining drainpipes, and replacing worn sections of the taxiway.

James Gordon, head of airfield infrastructure at BHX, said: “Each year we have more than 100,000 aircraft movements, some with the weight of 23 tonnes per wheel, which takes its toll on our runway and taxiways.

“That is why we close the airfield at night in November, when customer volumes are typically at their lowest, to carry out our essential maintenance to ensure it remains safe and reliable.

“So, while most people were sleeping in November, we were removing rubber scuffs from the runway, repairing tarmac, refreshing paint markings, maintaining ground lighting systems, cleaning our drains, along with a host of other tasks.”