Marketing agency enters partnership with major restaurant brand

TGI and Cab Engine

Cab Engine, a digital transformation studio in Alcester, has secured a partnership with American-inspired restaurant brand TGI Fridays.

The collaboration involves overseeing paid search and social channels, along with providing SEO guidance across the entire estate, to boost booking numbers for its 86 restaurants.

Milly McLellan, managing director of Cab Engine, said: The new and exciting partnership between Cab Engine and TGI Fridays is a testament to the transformative power of strategic collaborations in the digital age. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, strategic partnerships are the linchpin to success, and here at Cab Engine, they have found a partner who shares TGI Fridays’ vision for innovation and customer engagement.

“Together, we will reshape the way customers interact with this beloved American-inspired restaurant brand, creating a digital experience that mirrors the warmth and hospitality found within TGI Fridays’ physical locations.”

​Connor Henman, senior performance marketing manager said: The curation of knowledge and expertise that worked to acquire this partnership is a demonstration of the best-in-class talent here at Cab Engine. We are set up and ready to deliver impressive results for TGI Fridays and we all look forward to our client partnership growing stronger over the years to come.”

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