Manufacturer presses on with more than £3m investment

Manufacturer Brandauer has concluded a £3.25m investment, after receiving the King’s Award for Enterprise.

The Birmingham-based company, a leading presswork and tooling specialist, was recognised for ‘Innovation’ at the King’s Award after developing a new precision modular tooling concept that will deliver up to £6m of new sales over the next two years.

With a workforce of 64 individuals at its Newtown facility, Brandauer has recently installed its fifth high-speed Yamada press.

It enhances their capacity for quick changeover sub-contract stamping, particularly catering to clients seeking high-speed production, precision, and multi-tool transfers.

The installation follows the acquisition of a laser micro-cutting machine, made feasible through a 40% grant from the ‘Aerospace Up’ program.

Rowan Crozier, chief executive officer, said: “It has been quite a week for the company, perhaps one of the proudest in our 162-year history. We’ve reinvented ourselves a lot since we started life manufacturing pen nibs and are now seen as one of the leading presswork and stamping specialists in the world, delivering micron accuracy components and micron precision tooling.

“The King’s Award for Innovation is such an important title for us and really opens new doors across the globe. This is the second royal award we have achieved, following our International Queen’s Award in 2019 – not many companies hold two titles

“The initial award had already helped us win new contracts, especially in the US where the Royal Family are highly revered. I’m hoping the Innovation title will showcase our new precision modular tooling capability to new audiences and help us achieve our aim of delivering significant growth in this area over the next few years.”